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HAPPY End of the year and New year!

Mochi Tsuki and Kagami-mochi making.

Japanese huge traditional event that pounding Mochi and Kagami-mochi making will be offered.
Don’t miss out!

Special Workshop「The Dog Okiagari-koboshi (self-righting doll)」

Let’s make a traditional Japanese doll! This doll tells you it is important to never give up!

Date Dec.28.2017~Jan.10.2018
Age 3~
Capacity 15kids
Mochi Tsuki(Pounding Mochi)

Date Dec.29(Fri)
Time 12:00-12:15
Kagami-mochi Making(round cake)

Date Dec.29(Fri)
Time 12:15-12:40
Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance will be showing up in the park. Let it bite your head to keep healthy through the year!
It is a lucky and happy charm! Don’t be scared!

Date Jan.1(Mon),2(Tue),3(Wed)
Time 11:30/13:30/15:30

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