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Our facility based on the new concept “a place for kids and parents to recreate and refresh mentally and physically “.
For your children safety, guardians (parents or persons who are 20 years old or above) must accompany your children in the park.
We do not take any responsibility if your children has been hurt. We are appreciated for your understanding.

Membership registration

No registration fee! No annual fee!
you registered the application form on our website.

About Admission

About Re-entry

Re-entry is not allowed. Please settle the extension fee for children (if have) when exit and make the admission procedure at the entrance.

About Last Admission

Business hours until 20:00, last admission until 18:00.

About Check-out

Please settle the extension fee for children (if have) when exit.

About Eating and Drinking

Please note only drinks are allowed in the park. Please have your drinks on the orange sofa which located in front of the vending machines.
Water bottle or canteen with lid is okay to bring into the park. Drinks with cups, and other paper pack is not allowed to bring in.

About Toilet

Please note that we only provide kids toilet (till 6 years old) in the park.
Please use the toilet in VenusFort if you are elementary school kids and above.
Please re-entry through the checkout exit.

About the belongings

Lockers are provided in front of the entrance.
Please leave your valuable items in a locker.