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ABOUT Aneby Trimpark

ABOUT Aneby Trimpark



Everybody is different, we are all unique.
Aneby Trimpark is for kids and parents to study, to have fun, and to relax.

Aneby TrimparkAneby Trimpark, a new amusement park to kids and parents for fun and relaxation, is opened in 2014 summer.

We believes that each individual has his/her own personality.
We treat your kids equally and genuinely. Our goal is to help them develop strength, confidence, honesty, cooperation, and unprejudiced consideration through our activities and games.


What does Trimpark mean?

Trim comes from a nautical term which means to stay a ship in balance condition in water.
The word “Trim movement” means to adjust and balance a body properly. The idea of enhancing phycial strenth was widespread from Norway to Europe in 1967.
Trim movement maintains a balance of the mind and body effectively through nutritious foods, medical care, and sports.

First Edu-Amusement Park in the world

photoAll the area is made by well developed countries in Europe. They all are highly safety and great designed for the growth of the children as well as the sense of the children. We will make your kids satisfied mentally and physically by playing our various area and facilities.

We have local staff and foreign staff, who can speak several languages, can communicate with your kids who are from different countries. We are going to arrange different kinds of events which based on early childhood education theory provided by Netherlands Organization of Education (Cito).

Place for parents to compare notes

Professionals here will help you solving childcare’s issues. “Mamagaku”lectures boost your strength and relieve your stress.